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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

网址访问条件 Rio Tinto website access conditions
力拓创能电子设备 有限公司(“ 力拓 ”)保留随时修改这些规则的权利。 The following rules apply to all users or visitors who visit this website. Shenzhen Rio Tinto Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. (" Rio Tinto ") reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. 权利由 力拓 根据下列条款授予 如果您不同意下列任何条款 请停止使用本网址。 The right to access this website is granted by Rio Tinto in accordance with the following terms , if you do not agree with any of the following terms , please stop using this site. 力拓 有权采取法律和公平的补救措施。 Rio Tinto has the right to take legal and fair remedies for violations of these rules .

Disclaimer of Liability

力拓 力图在网站上提供准确的材料和信息,但并不保证这些材料和内容的准确、完整、充分和可靠性,并且明确声明不对这些材料和内容的错误或遗漏承担责任,也不对这些材料和内容作出任何明示或默示的、包括但不限于有关所有权担保、没有侵犯第三方权利、质量和没有计算机病毒的保证。 The materials and information on this website, including but not limited to text, pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages or links. Although Rio Tinto strives to provide accurate materials and information on the website, it does not guarantee that these materials and content Accurate, complete, adequate and reliable, and expressly disclaim any liability for errors or omissions in these materials and content, nor make any express or implied representations, including but not limited to guarantees of title, without infringement of third parties Rights, quality, and no warranty for computer viruses.

可以在没有任何通知或提示的情况下随时对本网站上的内容进行修改,为了得到新版本的信息,请定时访问本网站。 Rio Tinto may modify the content on this website at any time without any notice or prompt. In order to get the new version of the information, please visit this website regularly. 非力拓 产品或服务仅仅是为了提供相关信息,并不构成对这些产品、服务的认可或推荐。 Non-Rio Tinto products or services mentioned on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these products or services. 并不就网址上提供的任何产品、服务或信息做出任何声明、保证或认可,所有销售的产品和服务应受本公司的销售合同和条款的约束。 Rio Tinto does not make any statements, guarantees or approvals for any products, services or information provided on the website, and all products and services sold shall be subject to our sales contracts and terms.

Copyright notice

力拓 拥有,但注明引用其他方的内容除外。 All materials or content contained on this site are protected by copyright laws, and all copyrights are owned by Rio Tinto , except where it is noted that references are made to other parties. 力拓 或其他方事先书面许可,任何人不得将本网站上的任何内容以任何方式进行复制、经销、翻印、播放、以超级链路连接或传送、以"镜像法"载入其他服务器上、存储于信息检索系统或者其他任何商业目的的使用,但对于非商业目的的、个人使用的下载或打印(条件是不得修改,且须保留该材料中的版权说明或其他所有权的说明)除外。 Without the prior written permission of Rio Tinto or other parties, no one may reproduce, resell, reprint, play, connect or transmit by hyperlink, or use the "mirror method" to load any content on this website in any way. For use on, stored in an information retrieval system, or for any other commercial purpose, except for non-commercial downloads or prints for personal use (provided that they are not modified and that the copyright notice or other proprietary notice in the material must be retained) .


网站上使用和显示的所有商标、标志皆属 力拓 所有,但注明属于其他方拥有的商标、标志、商号除外。 All trademarks and logos used and displayed on the Rio Tinto website are owned by Rio Tinto , with the exception of trademarks, logos and trade names that are owned by others. 网站所载的任何内容不应被视作未经 力拓 或其他方书面许可,以暗示、不反对或其他形式授予使用前述任何商标、标志的许可或权利。 Nothing contained on the Rio Tinto website shall be deemed to imply, without objection or otherwise, a license or right to use any of the foregoing trademarks or logos without the written permission of Rio Tinto or another party. 力拓 名称及 力拓 的商标、标记。 Without prior written permission, no one may use Rio Tinto's name and Rio Tinto trademarks and marks in any way .

Products or services offered

Due to the international or borderless nature of the Internet, the information provided through this website is also international, so not all products or services mentioned on this website are available in your country or region, please contact your local Of sales representatives or agents understand the products or services available in your country.

Third party links

力拓 并不保证这些链接上所提供的任何信息、数据、观点、图片、陈述或建议的准确性、完整性、充分性和可靠性。 This website may retain links to third-party websites or web sites. Access to these links is at the discretion of the user . Rio Tinto does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, data, opinions, pictures, statements or recommendations provided on these links, Integrity, adequacy and reliability. 提供这些链接仅仅在于提供方便,并不表示 力拓 对这些信息的认可和推荐,也不是用于宣传或广告目的。 Rio Tinto's provision of these links is for convenience only and does not imply Rio Tinto 's endorsement and recommendation of such information, nor is it used for promotional or advertising purposes.

privacy protection
Protection of personal information

充分尊重您的隐私权,并且不遗余力保护您的个人信息。 Rio Tinto fully respects your right to privacy and spares no effort to protect your personal information. 力拓 的网站。 Normally, you do not need to provide any personal information to browse Rio Tinto 's website. 力拓 为实现该特定目的使用您的个人信息。 For specific purposes, if you provide the name, gender, document type and document number, birth date, country, email address, telephone, contact address and postal code required to register or subscribe to electronic information on a voluntary basis, The service or preference information, customer code, and other similar personal information you wish to provide means that you have understood and accepted the use of your personal information and agree to Rio Tinto 's use of your personal information for that specific purpose.

承诺在任何时候、任何情况下都不会出售您的个人信息, 力拓 只会在法律允许的范围内使用根据本条款获得的信息。 Rio Tinto undertakes not to sell your personal information at any time and under any circumstances, and Rio Tinto will only use the information obtained in accordance with these Terms to the extent permitted by law. 力拓 可能会根据法律、政府部门的要求向这些部门提供您某些个人信息;或在 力拓 有理由认为有必要这样做来保护 力拓 、客户或公众时,也可能在尽可能小的范围内公开某些个人信息,在您提供个人信息的时候应该已经预见并同意这种情况的发生。 However , Rio Tinto may provide certain personal information to you in accordance with the requirements of laws and government departments; or when Rio Tinto has reason to believe that it is necessary to do so to protect Rio Tinto , customers or the public, To disclose certain personal information within the scope, when you provide personal information, you should have foreseen and agreed to this situation.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

By accessing this website and using the facilities and / or services provided through this website's URL, you agree that the access and the provision of this implementation and / or service are subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China, and you agree to be subject to the courts of the People's Republic of China Jurisdiction.

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